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They don't think it be like it is but it do

A response to a confession (NS week day 3 fic)

I’ve come out of this believing three important things Naruto.

I believe you are an idiot because you’d have to be idiot to still feel the way you do.  I can say that to you because I am speaking from experience.

Stop, just listen ok? Just let me say this please.  

You look at me; you look at me like I’m the girl who can make your dreams come true. Well I’m telling you that I don’t know if I know how to be that girl.

But if I am honest to myself I don’t really want you to stop looking at me, isn’t that selfish?

No it is, it is Naruto.                                 

You should have realized a long time ago that I am hopeless.  When it comes to love I am as hopeless as they come and you should know better Naruto. But you don’t …so does that mean you are just as hopeless as I am? What kind of world is meant for two hopeless idiots?

It shouldn’t work.

That’s what I would like to believe, a part of me feels like I don’t deserve to have it work. But the fact is when I am around you Naruto I am at my most optimistic. When I stand beside you no matter what is happening I believe the best is yet to come.

So that’s why you should walk away from me Naruto. You should take  back what you’ve just said to me and just walk away.

Because if you stay Naruto, if you stay by my side I believe I am going to love you.


Well, I guess you really are a hopeless idiot….



Some people may argue Sakura is extra insecure in this piece. I would disagree. if NS isn’t about to be obviously rushed in the manga (I assume it will be canon) I think Sakura would beat herself up a little whether it was justified or not.

* = When Naruto kissed her

Promise of a lifetime.

Short one, and I am sort of cheating with the NaruSaku day 2 theme but hey…the muses are fickle beings

Curiously Sakura watched on as Naruto slammed the living room door shut. He looked around, all was still, all was quiet but Sakura’s breathing.

Abruptly he made a beeline for the windows.

Sakura scratched at her chin. “Are we under attack or…?”

After slapping the blinds to their windows closed, Naruto turned to Sakura.  

“What I am about to say doesn’t leave this room. It’s strictly confidential.”

Sakura straightened up; admittedly her husband’s serious tone troubled her.

“What’s going on Naruto?”

Naruto cut the distance between them. “Sakura-chan you have to promise me that you won’t reveal what I am about to say to anyone else.”

“Alright, I promise.”

Naruto sighed as he fished a slip of paper from his pocket. He glanced at his wife briefly and then went right back to the piece of paper.

He drew in a breath:

Morning peeps through curtains

Yellow encircles pink

Orange grows jealous

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A dollar short and perhaps a day late but here is my fanfic entry for the first day of NaruSaku week.

Ino was not angry when she opened the door. She actually scoffed when he tried apologizing. Ino readily explained how great it was for the main attraction to arrive fashionably late; it added an element of suspense to the party. He didn’t get it and the hostess apparently didn’t have the time to explain any more since she dragged him in by the arm and announced him to the room.

This wouldn’t be like the other parties in Naruto’s honor, Ino had detailed days ago. Nothing like the stuffy formal “thank yous” run by the village or alliance heads. This was a party for the hip, young, and sexy of Konohagakure. The coolest of the coolest would be attending Ino declared.  Well that wasn’t entirely true Naruto thought. He grinned as he quickly spotted Lee and Chouji amongst the crowd.  If Ino were truly going by her own strict definition of cool those two would not have made the hostess’ cut. Still glancing about a bit he did see amongst all his friends some of Konoha’s young societal elite. This was with all honestly probably the coolest room in the village at the moment and it erupted in applause just from the sight of him.

The temperature in his body soared and his heart thudded against his chest. Likely everyone in the room thought he was blushing for them; well it was true that Naruto hadn’t gotten used to being praised and cheered.  He still found it odd being cheered most of the time…this wasn’t one of those times, because the wave of adoration had faded into the background when he spotted her across the room.

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Anonymous said: Autumn Dance is so good!

I am very sincere when i say I appreciate your kind words


Autumn Dance, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Naruto and Sakura discover that the transitional seasons can reveal the true nature of things whether you want it to or not.

I wrote this story three years ago. NaruSaku was considered dead around that time as well IIRC, I suppose the more things change the more they  stay the same.  I forgot about this story but it seems more relevant now than it did 3 years ago. Let me know what you think

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really? when sasuke said sakura was useless some chapters back, a bunch of people jumped ships. ss fans were actually

Ok I didn’t see this but it will help me sleep better knowing this


There are a lot of places in this fandom I don’t lurk so this might be ignorance on my part.

I’ve met a handful of former NH fans. Not much but a couple

I’ve seen plenty of former NaruSaku fans in this fandom. Pretty much every year it turns out Sakura loves Sasuke there’s a bit of a purge.There is a steady transfer of NaruSaku to Anti-big 3

Now I’ve met SASUKE FANS who ended up liking Sasuke more with Naruto, Karin or someone else other than Sakura. Sasuke fans who acknowledge Sasuke probably does not really care all that much about Sakura romantically.

My memory may fail me but I rarely come across former SS members. despite an entire second half of the manga filled with negativity I don’t hear about people jumping ship.

I find that strange


Grimm and Other Folk Tales

by Cory Godbey

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Cats In Spaaaacccccceeeeeee!!!!!!!!


Cats In Spaaaacccccceeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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Something I made in 2011
a) Metaphor for SasuSaku attempting to be canon
b) Metaphor for SasuSaku attempting to be a romantic pairing

c) All of the above

a) Metaphor for SasuSaku attempting to be canon

b) Metaphor for SasuSaku attempting to be a romantic pairing

c) All of the above

Something to consider regarding the authorial reasoning behind Sakura’s actions.

I was not completely taken off guard with the “revelation” that Sakura loves Sasuke and whatnot, it’s the confession itself that seemed unsettling. The declaration, Sakura’s tears, Sasuke’s indifference, the genjutsu.

It just seemed wrong, and as a NaruSaku fan I know there’s a better alternative for Sakura out there so obviously it was frustrating.

Now I don’t think it hurts NaruSaku’s chances of being canon however it seems to hurt the perception of the pairing depending on how you look at.

Now I get a lot of the complaints but all of it sort of confirms to me that Kishi is playing with perceptions and themes. This is where the readers and Kishi are like ships passing in the night. (Note: I am not saying Kishi is a good writer)


Let’s consider that Sakura will not abandon Sasuke while he is in darkness. She won’t, Naruto won’t.

Wrap your head around this if Sakura and Naruto share this similar character trait, consider if Naruto had romantic interest in Sasuke.

*Wait a minute SN I’m not talking to yall*

Would he have reacted much differently than Sakura has here?

See tie Sakura’s wish to not abandon Sasuke to darkness with the romantic interest she’s had for him for years and from Kishi’s POV, considering how he writes his story, it may be highly unlikely Sakura simply moves on from Darkness Sasuke as we all want her to do. It might actually be impossible without having this situation resolved.

The big problem is that perhaps the NaruSaku fandom was looking at NaruSaku and thinking it was growing independently from the main plot-line and its themes.  This has not been the case, every time NS has gotten to a certain point the problem of Sasuke (Aka the main plot) directly or indirectly showed up and seemingly curbed the relationship.

That has to be thematically resolved for both Naruto and Sakura IMO

Before I continue very quickly I think NS is the closest to being canon because of but not limited to these reasons

1) SS has not been built up at all in fact if it hasn’t gotten worse it’s just never changed. Kishi has shown no growth in that relationship, unless you consider growth to be well instead of hitting her to knock her out after he rejects her confession Sasuke mind-freaks her now.

2) In the climax of the story Hinata is as important as Shino. Her story does not tie into Naruto’s life in any truly important or significant way.


Now you might say “I don’t buy it there’s no way Sakura still being in love with Sasuke is good for NaruSaku.”

You might be right, I can see how it hurts the pairing in many people eyes

But perhaps consider for a moment form Kishi’s eyes

IMO It should be considered that maybe for good or bad Kishi doesn’t want Naruto to “win” just because Sasuke is bad.

Now you and I can see that being in love with a mad man like Sasuke is nuts and Sakura should have dropped that a long time ago since Kishi has shown time and time again Sasuke doesn’t care. You would imagine if he’s building SS he would put a little effort into Sasuke and romance.


It’s to say that it is good writing for certain things to be obviously (plot, character development) set up and perhaps some may argue sacrificed for a complete Naruto “victory”

That it may be wise to consider the author feels it would be more meaningful for Naruto to have Sakura fall out of love with redeemed Sasuke.

That’s my two cents on it